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Tanah Merah or Logan Village QLD JR 2HSL Anti-Scramble Winton

An excellent float for the comfort of your horse. Comes with adjustable bays so your horse is secured in a close bay with leg room. If you haven't tried an anti-scramble float, it has sloped walls for horse to spread their legs out.. The bum bars are also 20 cm from the tailgate, so no tail rub.

ATM (total tare mass): 2000
Date of Manufacture: 26. окт. 2008
Electric Brake Controller:
Yes or No
Registration date and details: 978GHT
ATM (total tare mass in kg): 2000kg
Type of trailer plug: 7 pin flat/12 pin flat/7 pin small round/7 pin large round: 7 pin flat
Does it have comprehensive insurance?: Yes
Condition of Float - Excellent - Good - Fair - Bad: Good
Tare of trailer: 850 kg
Публикация создана 26. окт. 2018

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