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Hire my JR Condamine

This float has bunks and is ready for a great weekend away. Your horses will love the extra leg room in the anti-scramble bays. Let me know if you have questions.

ATM (total tare mass): 2900
Date of Manufacture: 26. апр. 2013
Electric Brake Controller:
Yes or No
Registration date and details: YHU777
ATM (total tare mass in kg): 2900
Type of trailer plug: 7 pin flat/12 pin flat/7 pin small round/7 pin large round: 7 pin small round
Does it have comprehensive insurance?: yes
Condition of Float - Excellent - Good - Fair - Bad: Good
Tare of trailer: 1.4 tonne
Публикация создана 26. окт. 2018

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