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Information about Hiremyhorsefloat.com


Need to Hire a Horse Float OR Could You Make Some Cash Hiring Out?

This is a place to advertise your unused horse float or hire a brand out that you may be considering purchasing.  

What a great opportunity to make yourself some extra dollars, or alternatively make an educated purchase choice after trying brands you are interested in. 

If you are considering hiring out, then you need to have a safe, roadworthy and fully comprehensively insured float to ensure the safety of your clients and their horses. 

It is mandatory to have insurance that covers hiring. If your current insurer doesn't do this we have a recommended insurer that covers all public liability and damage to your float

Aweso Insurance:  http://awesoinsurance.com.au/horse-float/

We hope you enjoy this site and if you like it, please let your friends know! 

PS All purchases are protected by Paypal.