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Information about Hiremyhorsefloat.com

How it works

How it works for those hiring out their horse floats

Upload your photos, your location and the amount you would like to charge to hire out your float. 
1. Firstly ring your insurance agent and make sure your horse float is insured if you hirer it out to someone else (if not contact Aweso Insurance http://awesoinsurance.com.au/horse-float/ or shop around, but there aren't many insurers who do this)! Get a minimum age requirement also. 
2. Go to Post A New Listing on the right hand of the home page. 
3. Fill the fields of info in and include lots of good pictures of your float, inside and out.
4. Think through how much you would like to hire out for (researching hire floats in your community is a good place to start. Also think about cleaning. Will it be included in the fee or will you expect it to come back the way you hired it out? Provide a stiff broom, a shovel and dustpan to go with the float to clean out. 
5. Set up your Paypal account to receive payments from your users.  
6. Print out some of the hire agreements and personalise if you like to include your float information. Make sure you have their license details photographed/copied, credit card sighted and their paperwork signed. Please see our Hire PDF. 
7. Let people know on your personal FB page and your local community that your float is available to hire via HireMyHorseFloat.com. 

Whatever makes it worthwhile for you.  Maybe you don't want to list that brand new float that you just purchased, but on the other hand it could help you pay off the float you have always wanted... OR keep your old float to hire out and make some spare cash. 
 In the end, the price should simply be whatever amount makes it worthwhile for you, but you can keep an eye on prices in your area which may help you decide.

Cleaning Fee
We don't recommend you charge a cleaning fee, but incorporate that time into the hire price. If a hirer uses your horse float and returns it in a dirty condition, you are able to put it on their review records. This will dissuade people hiring out to those people again, which is why the review system works so well. 

On the other hand, if you want to you can charge an extra $30 or so, put the info in your description and if they return it clean then they get the money back. You can use cash which is easier to refund, but you will have to let them know. 

If you want your float hosed out, then please let the hirer know. If you prefer just a sweep then put that on your hiring information also. Remember, this is your private agreement between you and the hirer. 

How do I protect my horse float from accidents and misuse?
Firstly, it is a mandatory requirement that you have insurance that allows you to hire our your horse float. Since the concept of hiring out is quite new this is hard to find. We have provided an competitively priced option below, unless your current provider will do it for you. Knowing your horse float is insured will give you peace of mind if something unexpected happens.

Aweso Insurance is our recommended horse float provider: Click on the link below to enquire. 
What if my horse float comes back in bad condition? 
There are a few options here. The first one we would recommend is let us know and after some investigation between both parties, we may block this user from hiring out further. The review system is a way to check out how people have treated other people's floats in the past. Your insurance will also cover you if you need to make a claim. 

For our horse float hire, we have a signed agreement including their credit card numbers and they are aware that the excess is $500 if they damage the float. If it is under $300 for small damage, you can negotiate with them. 
Hiremyhorsefloat.com however, will not be responsible for users misusing the property of hirers in any instance. We also have a Facebook page, so if there needs to be a warning given about someone who is not using the service responsibly, we may put a respectful caution on there. 

We are currently working on a bond system and also encourage you to get a phone photo of license as ID on hire and check to make sure it is current. Also a photo of their license plates and car for a first time contact is recommended as extra surety for you.

What if I pay and I don't get to use a horse float?
The other safety feature we have is that Paypal is our method of payment. You can contact Paypal and arrange for a refund or if you have a dispute that needs solving. Hiremyhorsefloat.com admin do not enter into disputes, so hiring out to third parties is at your own risk. We will however take complaints and get a statement from each party, possibly doing a ban on irresponsible hirers and users.

Who can join?
Anyone can join!  But not everyone can stay necessarily.  We will continually pour over reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within the community.  If you just use the site to get free advertising, we will realise that and eventually delete the listing. We rely on your honesty as the site costs quite a bit to run and the transaction fee is quite small at 6%! 

And to help the word get out, share, share, share! The more people you tell, the quicker we can get this great service going! You can share your page link on Gumtree, Facebook, Insta, your local pages etc!!
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